Faithful People

The Leper

In Matthew 8 we read about how Jesus cleanses a leper, he (the leper) had an illness that made him unclean.

So when Jesus was in the area he went to him and said “Lord, if you will, you can make me clean.”

Some great things about this is ONE the leper acknowledged that Jesus was Lord he said “Lord, if you will” by doing this he surrendered his thoughts unto Christ. 

ANOTHER thing he did was he “ knelt” or “worshipped” (as the KJV puts it) Jesus. He knew that the world could not cleanse but he knew that Christ could and would, because he had faith!!!

Because he asked Christ to clean him “Jesus stretched out his hand and touched him saying, I will; be clean.”

Jesus didn’t say “Nah I don’t want to” or “wait till the world has the answer to your problems”

NO God will stretch out his hand unto us and cleanse us of our sins, of our filth, right when we ask him too!!!

He won’t pause, he won’t wait, He’ll comfort us with his hand and cleanse us with his words!!!

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